ECO REPLENISHERS Store is Closing soon

After careful deliberation following the shutdown of our physical store, we have made the bold decision to cease operations on our online platform and embark on a journey towards becoming a net zero, zero waste and sustainability consulting & advisory service. Our mission is to guide and support businesses and individuals in their pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle, operational practices and goals. More News to come on the exciting things ahead!

We will like to say Thank you for all your support

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Welcome to Eco Replenishers


    By reducing our travelling, food or gadgets or even household essentials, we will help to reduce manufacturing pressure and in turn drive down industrial pollutions and waste


    We encourage everyone to bulk buy, especially cleaning solutions and decant into old spray/pump bottles. This is an easy way to stop more plastic coming into your home


    Normally, recycle is good but it is still an energy consuming process. Instead, we can refuse to collect excessive packaging by shopping Zero Waste and refillable products

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