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Desk Cleaning Tips

Why is it essential to maintain a clean desk? Desks have some of the dirtiest surfaces that an individual can come into contact with. Since we can spend a lot of time both at work and at home using our desks, making sure that our desks are clean becomes greatly important.
Desk Cleaning- Eco Replenishers
What do you need and where to Start desk cleaning?
Before anything, take everything off the desk and make a desk cleaning checklist so that you do not miss anything when you get to the actual cleaning. As for the cleaning supplies, here is what you will generally need:
Moreover, make to use natural cleaning products instead any harsh and toxic ones to avoid any health problems.
Wiping down surfaces
This is where the desk cleaning begins. Grab your antibacterial spray and cloth and get going by thoroughly wiping all surfaces to remove dust, dirt and kill germs. For electronics like keyboards, mouse, phones, etc, we suggest using antibacterial wipes but make sure to be gentle to not cause any damage. Sometimes you might find some grime that might be hard to reach. For that we suggest using a some cotton buds.
Desk Cleaning with a Cloth- Eco Replenishers
Organizing your desk
After wiping down surfaces, you can clean all of your items and start placing them back on your desk. When organising your desk, you should make sure to keep it simple and efficient without any unnecessary distractions distraction. You should also consider getting organisers and holders to make your desk more organised and easier to clean in the future.
How to maintain a clean desk
Here are a few tips that can help you to keep your hygiene levels high even after doing a desk clean:
  • Carry a small hand sanitiser and/or disinfectant with you if you can and use it at the beginning and end of using your desk. If you should cough or sneeze into your hands, use it again.
  • Keep tissues around for any emergencies 
  • Sanitise your mouse and keyboard on arrival and when you leave your desk.
  • If you have to eat your lunch at your desk, do not leave crumbs, excess food or wrappers on it.
  • Any phones at your desk should be cleaned with disinfectant wipes before and after use.
  • Regularly throw away rubbish and change bin bags.
  • Try to leave the desk in a better state than you found it.
  • Cleaning your desk once is not enough, make sure to clean it regularly.
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We hope that this has given you an idea of how you can clean your desk and why desk cleaning is important. If you need any cleaning advice, do not be afraid to contact. We are always happy to help. Thank you for reading