A Message of Love & Peace in the Midst of Racial Chaos

A Message of Love & Peace in the Midst of Racial Chaos

Let there be love shared among us2020 has indeed been the year! But we can only press on and keep the memories with us. Whilst we grapple with the ongoing aftermath of the global pandemic that has affected many lives and livelihoods, we are again faced with the social injustice of racial bias and it's sad effects. Whatever side of the spectrum you fall, we want you to know that it doesn't have to be this way. We can all rise above the injustice of society or people in power around us and choose a different path. It begins with you and I. Our choices, our bias and our experiences can consciously or subconsciously affect a person of a different culture. We must therefore consciously choose to do better & love better.

We, therefore, bring a special message of love and peace. Beyond chanting "Black Lives Matter" and promoting this, we wish above all things that everyone chooses the path of true love and lasting peace.


We understand that deep down a person's skin colour has absolutely nothing to do with their intelligence, personality, or ability. So I look beyond your skin, to see your person and ability & I choose to love you because we have been created wonderfully and fearfully!

💚I choose to be a good samaritan & not turn the other way.

🤗I choose to love my neighbours deliberately and treat everyone fairly, compassionately and kindly.

👆I choose to give someone less privileged a chance, at education, empowerment, employment and watch that person soar on to great heights.

👆I choose to let go of every bias from past experience of any culture or race and give each person a benefit of doubt because the action(s) of one person does not define the entire race of people. 


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