Before You Throw Away That Plastic, Think Again!!!

Before You Throw Away That Plastic, Think Again!!!

With all the eco terminologies and campaigns all over social media and in local communities (zero-waste, plastic-free, single-use plastic, microplastics etc), we are swiftly moved to take immediate actions to #savetheplanet. It is, however, important that our “worthy” actions don’t become thorns in our flesh. As we celebrate these simple swaps and choices against plastic, we don’t want to create unsustainable solutions that we would then need to campaign against in the future.

Indeed, we stand against single-use plastic, microplastics and plastic pollution, but we must be strategic in proffering sustainable solutions and not just quick fixes. The key is in ensuring our solutions and alternatives are sustainable and not creating further environmental concerns. If we were all to throw out our plastics and replace them with Bamboo or wooden alternatives, we would not just be unnecessarily populating the landfills with plastics that won't decompose but we would also be encouraging deforestation as the recent Greenpeace report tells us.

Their new Report tells us that wooden substitutes used by supermarkets or in fact for personal use cause deforestation, and bioplastics which decompose take decades to do so and release harmful pollutants into water and soil. We, therefore, can’t afford to create new environmental problems in our bid to solve the existing plastic pollution problem. We must, therefore, think reuse before replacing.

Bio-D 5 Litres RefillReusable plastic containers that can be recycled at the end of their lifespan are better than disposable wooden or bioplastic alternatives. As we discourage #singleuseplastic we must discourage #singleuse anything. Consequently, before you throw out your next empty bottle (plastic or glass), think again, can I reuse it?

Reuse is always the best alternative to Single-use. Swapping over plastic for other single-use packaging is simply counterproductive and could be even more dangerous. We must adopt and embrace the culture of reuse and refill if we would see any significant progress in the fight towards sustainable living.

“Businesses like supermarkets and cafes must switch to a reuse and refill model. That means metal cutlery, proper cups, water refill stations, and selling products in refillable packaging or none at all. It’s common sense.”

This resonates brilliantly with our business model at The Cleaning Cabinet where we facilitate and provide a refill service of toxic & cruelty-free cleaning products in your choice of empty bottles (plastic or glass). This is not only a sustainable way to dispense cleaning solutions but it is also cost-effective as you save up to 30% by refilling compared to buying new bottles all the time.

Prepare to meet us at our Refill store in Carillon Court, Loughborough Town Centre to get your refill game going!!! And if you are not local to Loughborough, you should be able to find an eco-friendly refill station close to you. Check the list of Bio-D Stockists nearest to you

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