The difference between acidic and alkalinity

Can I use white vinegar to clean everything in my home?

To understand how to use natural cleaning solutions, you will benefit from knowing the difference in ph level of common natural cleaning products. The ph scale goes from 1(acidic) to 14 (alkaline). Ph 7 is classed as neutral and water has a ph 7.

Uses of white vinegar, Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid

Alkaline vs Acidic

Basically, here is the difference between alkaline and acidic natural cleaning solution 

Acidic solutions - are great for removing mineral deposit (limescale) and rust. They are also great alround antibacterial cleaner on lightly stained surfaces, they will not cut through grease as you would naturally imagine. Citric acid, white vinegar are your go-to natural acidic solutions for cleaning around the house. They both make excellent desclalers and a wonderful cleaning solutions when mixed with water. 

Alkaline solutions - are best at cutting through tough stains. For example, Borax sustitute has a ph of 10 and can be used to cut through tough stains. Baking soda and sodium bicarbonate have a ph of 8.5, which makes them mild alkaline substances. They are efficient grease removers because they are mildly alkaline and they also have a substantial scrubbing power due to their powdery form.

To answer the above question, you can use vinegar but you will probably need other alkaline based cleaning solutions too for example, in the kitchen, around the cooker or in the bathroom shower screen.

Random: can you add rose water to vinegar to make it smell nice?

White vinegar has a high ph level of about 2.5, which makes it acidic and a good all round cleaner. But rose water is less acidic and will reduce the acidity of the solution, which reduces the cleaning power.

Rose water has a ph level of 5.5, it will reduce the acidity of white vinegar if added together. This might be a good idea however if you are misting your home, when used as a natural air freshener.

Also, acidic solutions are not the best at removing heavily stained surfaces as mentioned above, you will need an alkaline base substance to shift those greasy and oven stains.

Oh Finally, what about stone floors

And in case you are wondering about cleaning your natural stone flooring, you should only use cleaning products with a neutral ph, which is 7 or appropriately 7. It is also worth knowing the ph of the floor you are cleaning so that you can use the matching cleaning solution on it. 

Consequence of using other floor cleaners which are on either ends of the ph scale will do one thing to your floor - the floor surface can be damaged as the acidic or alkaline solution will  attacks the surface molecules. This is why some stones turn white or surfer changes to surface texture. 

Finally, finally, you should also vacuum your stone floor often as this will quickly remove dry dirt and stop then from falling intocthe stone grains. So you will require less cleaning solution to be added the the mop water during your cleaning process. And our last suggestion is that you must absolutely wring out your mop head while you clean. This is a must because stone floors are not perfectly sealed and they can absorb water which lead to build up of damages. 

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We hope this short blog is helpful and has simplified for you how to discover the right natural cleaning products for your home.

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