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Ecofriendly way to clean your tap, remove gunk around the sink

Cleaning your bathroom and kitchen taps is about to get easier - the eco-friendly way

Do you find it irritating when a tap has soap build up around it? You will not be alone as this is a common problem (especially in public toilets) where adequate or consistent cleaning is not existing. If you are in the position to clean your house or office and are you looking for how to clean taps in your home -the effective way, then pay attention. 

Learning how to clean a tap should not be so hard, in fact it is one of those weirdly fun things to do because the before and after pictures is a big evidence of your cleaning skills. From a hygiene point of view, your bathroom taps especially encounter numerous counts of bacteria during each use. This is due to the soap residue that is left behind on them, which later forms a sticky surface that collects and hold on to germs.

By cleaning your taps, you can make them look great as they ought to and you will also eliminate a major hiding place for bacteria. To get cleaning here are the equipment you need:

  1. Old tooth brush 
  2. Bathroom cleaner or a good natural descaler such a citric acid solution
  3. Cleaning cloth


Dirty tap collects germs and gunk

Taps bring water for drinking and for washing the hands. When we wash the hands with soap, sometimes the soap is not fully washed off before the tap is turned off. The soap residue drips over the tap and settled on the body of the tap as well as the neck. Over time the layers of soap build up and become traps for all sorts of dirt. This is mainly how taps get dirty.

Cleaning bathroom taps with ecofriendly cleaning solutions 

How do you clean a tap? 

We advise that you should clean your taps regularly alongside the bathroom/kitchen. To be honest, whenever you clean your home, the taps should get some cleaning love too. Here are the steps: 

  1. Spray with the bathroom cleaner. We recommend using BioD bathroom cleaner because it is ecofriendly and it can be refilled if you buy it in a larger pack of 5 Litre. It is also very tough on limescale. Talking of limescale, multiple layers of soap and body fat can harden up to form limescale although, water hardness does contribute to lime scale build up too. We recommend that you use BioD bathroom cleaner, which is very good for limescale- See the Link here. You need to spray your solution unto the taps and leave for a short period.
  2. Time: Cleaning products are designed to be allowed time to work on the surfaces being cleaned. This could be 30 seconds to about 5 minutes. The longer you leave the more chances of the surface being cleaned properly. After spraying the Bio D bathroom cleaner, leave for about 5 minutes. 
  3. Brush: Find yourself an old toothbrush and start to break away the gunk build up around the tap neck and the base. You probably won't appreciate your toothbrush as much until you can see how much residue it can break off your tap. 
  4. Rinse: now turn the tap on and your the water to rinse away the residue.
  5. Wipe: now that you have rinsed it, you can wipe the water off the tap and buff it to give it a shiny and presentable look. 
Citric Acid Descaler from Eco Replenishers

Citric Acid for descaling in the Bathroom 

Sometimes the limescale buildup will not come off with just a liquid spray. There are many harsh chemicals out there that may not even do a perfect job but you can make yourself a citric acid solution for descaling your bathroom. 

Descale faucets and shower heads: dissolve 1½ tablespoons of citric acid powder in a 250ml of water and spray onto the affected areas, or soak a light towel with the solution and place it directly into the desired area. Afterwards, wipe off and rinse well.

Remove yellow stains around the plug hole - This yellow stain can be a result of soap scum or limescale build up. You can block the plug hole with a plug, add 1 tablespoon of citric acid and add about 200ml or less if needed) of water to sit around the plug whole for a few hours. Then you can use a brush to break finish off the cleaning. Now you should have a clean spot

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