How maintain a healthy microwave and avoid waste, reduce your environmental footprint

How maintain a healthy microwave and avoid waste, reduce your environmental footprint

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You are probably wondering how maintaining your microwave affects your environmental impact.

It is because we live in a society that finds it easy to replace any gadget when the ld one is done. We actually can be out of touch with the environmental cost of manufacturing what we buy. And this is why i wrote this post to help us to build a little consciousness of maintaining what we have to last longer.

Why a microwave? well, it is Christmas and we all will most likely be using them. What does it have to do with sustainable living? Many of us will be putting them into a lot of use over this festive period, especially if you are hosting.

Here is how you can keep your microwave in good health and avoid it dying before its time. The first thing you need to know is how a microwave work.

How a microwave works

When you turn it on, no matter the setting, a ray called microwave heats the water molecules in your food, the molecules gain energy and they dance around casing the food to heat up. This process gives off moisture as well as heating the food.

Now, the moisture given off can cause your microwave to rust over time if it is not allowed to to escape, making it hard to clean & use over time as rust builds up.

How to make your microwave last

Here is how to reduce rust build up:

1 - cover up to prevent splash to avoid stains.
2 - keep your microwave doors open for a little longer after use to let all the moisture out. This will significantly reduce the risk of rust on the corners of the panel and on the base.
3 - Remove/clean out water residue from the base, the rotating wheels can accelerate the rust development, causing rust to form and grow from the base.
4 - if you can afford it, buy a self ventilating microwave and one with stainless steel panels as they're not prone to rust.
5 - clean it up frequently,  ideally after any splash or spill or blast

Cleaning your microwave

You will be fine with any antibacterial cleaner but your will also be for to use a soapy such as washing up liquid or an ordinary surface cleaner

I hope these tips will help you to maintain your microwave for as long as it lasts. Rust and dirt shortens the lifespan of your microwave so take these measures and you can also reduce waste, save yourself money and reduce your environmental carbon footprint.

This principle of caring for your microwave can be applied to your career life, gadgets, machineries, devices, health, marriage, relationships etc.

Happy Christmas Eve

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