How you can start a sustainable lifestyle with The Cleaning Cabinet


“Zero Waste isn’t just for hippies anymore”- CNN 2017

Here is my take on how the cleaning cabinet can help every (especially young people) to live a sustainable lifestyle.

 Zero waste shops have taken charge in the way we view conscious consumerism and changing the way we shop and buy food for the better. The zero waste and plastic free movement has been gaining momentum amount citizens all around the world.

A zero-waste shop provides opportunities for consumers to upcycle and reuse their own containers to refill on foods, household goods, personal care, and cleaning products. What makes zero wastes shop so unique from conventional retailers is that they put in extra care to provide a holistic approach that is great for ourselves and the planet.

Not only are zero waste stores packaging free, they focusing on promoting local and organic products.

I hope you can find a local zero waste shop to you. You can always order from The Cleaning Cabinet online or pop into our shop in Loughborough if you are local.

Here are some of my foods that I eat as an athlete. I will be sharing more recipes from time to time.

Zero waste food from the cleaning cabinet
Zero waste food from the cleaning cabinet

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Wow, those look Great! I can’t wait to visit the shop and try some of these out!

Ethan Grabel

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