THE CLEANING CABINET has now become ECO REPLENISHERS. Replenish sustainably!

Our Zero Waste Shop Tour

Good day friends, it is so lovely to have you on here. I have put together this video to show you what our Zero waste shop looks like bas in January 2021 when we just moved from our old kiosk 200 yards away. When we started selling ecofriendly cleaning solution here at the Loughborough Market in 2019, we only wanted to give everyone the opportunity to share or love for the wonderful Bio D products range we have discovered. We never for once thought we will be selling plastic free, sustainable and vegan product in a proper shop. We have had many people saying they love our shop, so we hope you will get a snapshot of where all your orders come from. When you buy your plastic free products, whether vegan food, organic or vegan body cream or facial oil or oat milk to go with your dairy-free breakfast, we carefully pack your orders from our shops and send them to you as quick as possible

We hope you like our shop

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