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We Save 640 Plastic Bottles per Month From Waste

So, a customer came in to the shop and wanted to know how our refill system works. As I began to describe with great excitement how customers bring their used bottles and fill up the liquid content they need, it dauned on me that our aversge bottle sizes are 500ml. 

As someone who passed through wolfson school of mechanical engineering at Loughborough University, I was able to at least calculate the average number of bottles that we fill up every month, based on how often we replace our containers. 

Let me tell you something vey interesting - We just discovered that each month, our liquid refill customers save 640 bottles on average (when they fill up with an old and existing container). This mean we are on course to save well over 7500 x 500ml plastic bottles feom going to the landfill or needing to be recycled by December 2021.

The above figure is so conservative because we have been selling more refills month by month as customers know more about us. 

We have been selling more powder refills also and we have had to get a bigger tins for our dry cleaning eco products - ecofriendly laundry powder, dishwasher powder, hair shampoo, conditioner and bodywash and bubblebath, oxygen bleach, citric acid and scrub powder and soda crystals.

We cannot take the glory for this and we will like to thank you to all our customers for doing your bit to cut waste and cleaning up the environment. 

If you have been looking for ways to be more sustainable personally or as a household, I will like to encourage you to start reusing your old and existing containers by refilling your old and existing bottles at our refill stations or at any local zero waste shop near you, even if they are plastic - it can be reused. 

Becoming plastic free is not the only goal to aim for on your journey to sustainability but cutting all unnecessary waste will go a whole lot further.

I hope this blog has been very helpful,  please let me know if we can help you in anywat in becoming more sustainable.

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