Refill! Reuse!! Recycle!!! Our Solution to the Single-Use Plastic Dilemma

Refill! Reuse!! Recycle!!! Our Solution to the Single-Use Plastic Dilemma

Plastic has become an environmental hazard due to the amount of single-use plastic products polluting oceans and landfill sites. Reusing is one of the more effective methods individuals can easily get involved in. By reusing plastic products, not only does it reduce the amount of new plastic being made, it prevents plastic from taking up landfill space. This space can then be used to home biodegradable products which can easily decompose.

Here at The Cleaning Cabinet, our aim is to provide cleaning products that do not cost or harm the earth. It is so important to us that being Eco-friendly, and having a Green Heart is one of our core values which we strongly adhere to.

Therefore we are starting our own Refill, Reuse, Recycle Initiative, by offering a refill service for the cleaning products we stock. Our aim with the refill system is to provide people with the opportunity to live more sustainably and join the less waste movement.
The refill service will be available for all cleaning products that we stock. Once you have completed the contents of the original product, simply keep your empty bottle, ready to be refilled on one of our refill days. We will be refilling with the same top-notch content you originally bought, just topped up in your reuseable container from our bulk supply! Eco-friendly, pocket-friendly.

The Refill Service

The refill service will run in Loughborough and be accessible for all of our local consumer base. One opportunity to access our refill service is at our stall at Loughborough Market on a Saturday. For those who cannot reach us on this day, we are getting our bike ready to be able to operate our mobile refill service available to people on their doorstep. We are excited to be able to use a method of transport to reach our customers that will reduce our carbon footprint and not harm the earth!

TCC Pashley Delivery Bike
Reusing product containers and reducing the amount that you use has multiple benefits to the earth. Not only does it reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and oceans, but it also prevents pollution as it is reducing the need for new plastic production and the use of new raw materials. Reusing also allows the plastic to be used to its fullest potential, with the longer lifespan it has before it is then recycled.

How can you get involved?

To help you get started on being more involved with refilling, reusing and recycling, we have provided a few top tips to help get you started!

  1. Stop buying products with single-use plastic
  2. Purchase biodegradable packaging and products
  3. Visit our online store to purchase eco-friendly products
  4. Use our refill services where you can or find one near you 
  5. Only use plastic that is recyclable at the end of the lifespan

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