All about our cloths – sustainable & reusable cleaning and body cloths

All about our cloths – sustainable & reusable cleaning and body cloths

Here at the cleaning cabinet we have a variety of different cloths that can be used for different purposes from cleaning to exfoliating your skin - the range is wide. Cloths come in different materials in order to maximise their abilities on their targeted surfaces. 

This blog post is to introduce you to the beautiful different cloths we have and their amazing uses! 

Firstly we have the Compostable sponge cloths by Eco Living 

These lovely cloths are made from all natural renewable resources. They stand out with their stiff and bright exterior however, don’t be fooled because these handy tools target the toughest messes on your surfaces around the house. They do not emit any micro-plastic pollution unlike normal Classic sponge cloths. They’re highly effective and super absorbent! They are also very durable and of course reusable! To make the best use of these cloths you need to slightly wet it and then drain any excess liquids by squeezing it, you can then use it for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere else around the house. It is best to rinse the cloth thoroughly after use. The Compostable sponge cloths come in a multicoloured pack of four, an orange and purple pack of four, wildlife print pack of two and a plain yellow pack of four. Can be compostable as the name indicates.

Secondly and oh so effectively is our Toockies organic hand knitted scrubbers by Lavinia.

Made from raw, GOTS certified organic cotton and natural kite plant fibers these gentle yet effective cloths are great for stubborn markings on surfaces and ideal for cleaning fruits and vegetables too! 

A fabulous plastic free alternative to a sponge or a scourer, these non-abrasive and non-scratching lovelies are designed for the use of practically anything! From cleaning pots and pans to polishing sinks and bathrooms to even cleaning your veggies. The material used in making these scrubber cloths are untreated and raw plant materials and can thereafter be compostable as well as biodegradable. This specific cloth is handmade under the Fairtrade conditions near Kolkata in India and each product has the name of the knitter attached for a personal touch! 

These cloths are ethical and sustainable and can be washed in either a dish washer or washing machine to effective and thorough cleaning. Comes in a sandy brown colour or a creamy colour  or both!

Another Toockies favourite but this time for skincare! The Toockies organic hand knitted exfoliating cloth by Lavinia.

This cloth works wonders for your skin! Whether it be your face or your body it is gentle enough for effective exfoliation and in hand a perfect alternative to any plastics or scrubbing cremes containing micro plastics and plastic packaging. 

Just like the scrubbing cloths from Lavinia, these exfoliating cloths are also made from fantastic raw and untreated plant materials and therefore biodegradable , durable and very long-lasting. Fairtrade certified and for a great cause this cloth will leave your skin smooth and eliminate any dead skin cells for a beautiful glowly surface on your skin.

Organic muslin cloth by Heavenly Organics 

This is another fabulous cloth for your everyday skincare routine. It can be used perfectly for your facial cleansing and pairs really well with any cleanser but even better with the Heavenly organics clay-based facial cleanser. Using this cloth with hot water opens up your pores and allows for a deep cleanse which is essential for healthy skin. This cloth gently helps you wash off your cleanser without being to harsh on your skin and aids as an excellent exfoliant too! It removes any make up residue as well along with your cleanser. Made from organic cotton only and ethically sourced we think this is an essential for your daily skincare routine and one of our favourite cloths.  

Unpaper Towels

Unpaper towels are the latest trend for your kitchen! Reusable and washable they’re the best sustainable alternative to your kitchen rolls! A must have zero-waste item to add to your kitchen. The brand natural wraps use off cuts of pure and organic cotton towels to make these fabulous multi-colored Unpaper towels. The cotton is sourced from manufacturers who seek spare fabrics which would have been “waste” in the long run so really it’s a good save! With some bright and beautiful colours and patterns I don’t see where you can go wrong with having these for your kitchen! Think sustainability, think #REUSE. This pack comes with 6 different and stylish towels that are approximately 25cm x 25cm. A good fit for all types of kitchen works. 

Use these towels the same way you would use a kitchen roll...wipe surfaces, scrub grubby stains  , cover dishes versatile really. 

Unpaper towels are washer and dryer safe however it is advised not to use a fabric conditioner as it may affect the absorbency of the towels.


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