Loughborough Plastic free, Zero waste shop and bulk buy with a refill station | The Cleaning Cabinet

Loughborough's plastic-free, Zero waste shop gets bigger with food refill station | The Cleaning Cabinet

In January we moved into our new shop. We loved our little kiosk, but it was clear that we were outgrowing it. Even before looking for and moving into the new shop there had been discussion about introducing food products however the problem was always that we didn’t have the extra space. But now we do! So now we have The Food Cabinet range.

The Food Cabinet has all your loose foods from herbs and spices, loose leaf teas, beans, pasta, oats, dried fruit and nuts, rice and flour. There are options for everybody, the majority of our food is vegan, and lots is organic, there’s wholewheat options and a growing selection of gluten free products. The full range is available in store, you can bring any container from home to refill, or we can bag it up for you, and also online.

Not only do we have loose foods, but also pasta sauces and coconut oil in glass jars, prepacked pasta in paper packaging, chocolate bars - dairy and vegan options, tea bags and ground coffee, and a variety of oat-based drinks. Our entire range of oat drinks are vegan. We have semi skimmed, organic and barista standard options of oat milk – all perfect dairy free alternatives for both hot and cold drinks, poured over cereal, in cooking or baking, or just enjoyed straight from the glass. We also have a selection of oat based canned drinks from Minor Figures – Oat Milk Latte, Oat Milk Mocha, Oat Milk Chai Latte, Oat Milk Matcha Latte and Black Coffee. These are ideal for on the go. 

Oat milk and oat drinks range - minor figure, oatly, tree of life | The Cleaning Cabinet

As well as introducing The Food Cabinet, we have also grown our existing ranges. We’ve added a new bamboo toothbrush by Truthbrush to our dental range, there’s multiple colours and both adults and children’s sizes available. We also have a new shampoo bar by EcoLiving available in 4 different scents. But it is mostly our household cleaning tools and accessories range that has grown. We have a new selection of compostable sponges from EcoLiving and Happy Husks, as well new scrub pads and scrub sponges which have been massive hit. From a small, local business, Avocado Handmade, we have a selection of new reusable kitchen rolls, surface and face wipes all made from fabrics.

Ecofriendly and sustainable bamboo gome essentials- laundry, toilet rolls, washing up, cleaning up solutions| The Cleaning Cabinet

Our cleaning refill section has also expanded. We have added lots of new powder refills such as, Oxygen Bleach, Soda Crystals and Citric Acid.

Following current COVID-19 guidelines, we welcome you to our new shop to explore our new ranges and products in full, alternatively you can take a look over on our website. This is just the beginning of our journey in our new little, but big to us, shop. We have lots of plans and plenty more up our sleeve so keep an eye out!

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