What is COP26, Why should you care?

What is COP26, Why should you care?

How to begin a sustainable journey

Officially COP26 starts today. To many of us, the question is why should we care? We should care because it is about promoting a sustainable approach to practically every thing we do, most especially our consumers behavior.

A short story - We started the ZeroWaste journey 2 years ago because we want more people to know about the kind the ecofriendly cleaning products we have used in our cleaning company.

Since then, many of our customers have confirmed that the products work well and are nice to the skin. They also said that they are not expensive as they initially thought and we have seen many returning customers.

The point of this story is this: because we promoted these products to our lovely customers they tried it and they testify that it works. This is a change in consumers behavior, which benefits them more now because they don't have to deal with the unfriendly chemical again and they have 1 less plastic to throw away and they can confidently say they are doing what they can to reduce their environmental impact.

#COP26 Is about promoting a change in our consumer behaviour from a global level, it is aimed at getting governments to work together and achieve a set emissions target by 2050.

For us citizens, we will like to encourage us to be open minded to and be proactive to consider as many ecofriendly alternatives of everything you do from travelling to cleaning to eating. We do not advice that everyone should buy an electric car, bike, scooter as we need to properly understand and assess the environmental cost of making and disposal of the batteries before we really know if mass battery powered machineries are the way to go.

What we advise is that we should all make 'many small" changes across our everyday lives; from refill your washing up liquid to buy plant based bathing sponge, plastic free toothbrushes and choosing an eco conscious take away etc.

Starting small - It is much easier to start with little steps and once you get started, your eco-centric senses become more aware and sensitive to the numerous tips of an eco champion

Dairy milk alternative - Oat milk

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