What Makes a Good Coffee

What Makes a Good Coffee

For some, the only way to start the day is a cup of coffee. A good cup of coffee will keep you going for the day but a bad one might just ruin it. So that you do not have to rely on coffee shops to satisfy your thirst, we put together this small guide on how you can make a good coffee yourself.

Water is Important 

Do not cheap out on the water by using tap water. Filtered water or bottle spring water are better options due to them being free of minerals, noting being acidic and not having the same impurities as tap water.  As for the temperature of the water, you want to reach 195 to 205 degrees for the perfect coffee.

Preparing the Beans

Coffee flavours depend on the beans. Make sure to pick the right beans for the coffee flavour that you want to achieve. Darker beans will give you a stronger flavour and lighter beans will have a milder flavour. When you choose your beans, you can get to grinding them. Make sure to grind the beans right before brewing your coffee to get the best possible flavour.

Eco Replenishers - Coffee Beans

Golden Ratio

Many consider the Golden Ration of coffee to be 1 gram of coffee to 15-18 grams of water (1:15-18). The exact ratio that you should use will depend on what type of coffee you are using and your personal taste preference. One more thing, do not eyeball you measurements, it will not end well.

Healthier Additions

Many like adding normal milk and white sugar to their coffees which can actually be substituted for healthier alternatives. For the milk, you can make a delicious creamy coffee with some oat or coconut milk which have way less fat compared to cow milk. When it comes to sugar, coconut is here again. Coconut sugar is similar to white sugar but slightly nutty. What makes coconut sugar healthy is that it contains vitamins and minerals, like iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Eco Replenishers- Oat Milk

We hope you found this blog informative. If you are looking for some good coffee we suggest checking our Coffee Collection. You will definitely find a coffee that fits your taste.

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