Reducing your global footprint by reducing single use plastic through bulk buying Zero waste cleaning refills

Where and how to begin my plastic free sustainable journey -Cutting out Single Use Plastic

It can be very overwhelming when you decide to embark on a low waste or Zero waste lifestyle. Going plastic free through the use of refillable cleaning solutions is a fantastic way of easily finding sense in the whole Zero Waste equation.
4 to 8% of global oil production goes towards plastic production? And if we do not reduce our global plastic consumption, it will rise to 20% by 2050. Understanding why choosing your essential should be based on what is best for your health and the environment over buying the cheapest will help you to quickly settle some common doubt about the requirements of being more sustainable.
Some of the doubts that many often have to on their minds are:
  • Why does it cost more?
  • Does it work
  • What makes it ecofriendly
  • Is there really a plastic problem?
You may rightfully have had one of the above questions on your mind but the truth is you just need to give it a try. The easiest way to try out and see for yourself if going zero waste is really sustainable is to look for an easy entry. 
Starting with Cleaning solutions - We recommend that you take a look at cleaning solutions as we are mostly in direct contact with them, we use a lot of cleaning and washing solutions and it is easy to try the entire range of ecofriendly cleaning solutions. 
Verify any eco claims - It is not just the solution that you should care about but the supply chain can negate the positive impact achieved by the cleaning solution. For example, if you have an eco-friendly solution and it comes in a 500ml plastic bottles with no bulk 5litre option, that becomes another waste as you cannot refill the 500ml bottle exception you buy another freshly packed product. You are allowed ask and check if there is a true overall environmental savings with all purchases. 
Cut out Single use plastic - Now, our 5 litre refills cleaning and washing solutions helps you to refill your smaller bottles and reduce your plastic consumption by about 10 bottles if you have a 500ml product bottle. Up to 20 bottles if you have a 250 ml bottle. If you are near our Loughborough Zero Waste Shop, you can also return your 5 litre containers to refill more solutions or we can clean it out and reuse to serve other customers.
Reducing your global footprint by reducing single use plastic through bulk buying Zero waste cleaning refills
Easy win - This is one major way (also convenient way) to reducing your personal global warming emissions contribution as you continue reducing single use plastic through bulk buying Zero waste cleaning refills. It is a perfect entry point to explore a more sustainable, low waste (or less wasteful) lifestyle.
Now what do you think? Will you be taking up bulk buying? Have a browse through our bulk cleaning solutions here - For Miniml Solutions -

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