Our Best-Selling Soap Dishes: Glass, Wooden or Coconut Fibre

Our Best-Selling Soap Dishes: Glass, Wooden or Coconut Fibre

Soap is used for cleaning up, and not creating more mess right? Let's take a look at our range of soap dishes, boxes & rests here at The Cleaning Cabinet to prevent your soap bars from leaving that slimy residue over your countertops or sink or bathtub ledges. Also keeping your soap on a soap dish or rest helps it to dry out between use and prolongs its life span.

I’m going to start with my favourite, our very own Fused Glass Soap Dish. These soap dishes are handmade locally in Loughborough from recycled glass. The glass is either white or transparent with a butterfly print in the middle. With lots of different butterfly prints to choose from this soap dish makes the prettiest accessory in any bathroom or kitchen (or any room for that matter!). This dish is sure to last a very long time (years and years) and is very durable, making it very sustainable for the long run. It’s currently on sale in-store and online as well so grab it for a bargain price whilst you can.
Our Bamboo Soap Draining Dishes are a good value of soap dishes made from Bamboo and they are available in two different styles: circle and square. Did you know that draining your soap bars can increase their usage up to 100%? So what’s stopping you? Pair these soap dishes with our shampoo and conditioner bars by Natural Spa as they are the perfect shape and size for the Natural Spa shampoo and conditioner bars too. 
The all-rounder Olive Wood Soap Dish by ecoLiving is another favourite of mine. Handmade in Germany from retired olive trees that no longer produce olives, each dish has its own unique look and is available in two styles, irregular and oval. Like the previous, this dish has water draining holes at the bottom. Also longlasting and good value for money.
Think this soap dish might make a great gift for someone? We’ve got you! Simply match it with any of our Clean & Green soap range or go all out with our Lavender Luxury and Citrus Shimmer Gift Sets
Our Soap Dish Ladder are again perfect for draining your soaps and other bar products in between uses. It is a simple soap ladder that is very effective for drying and draining your soap between use. If you’re just looking for something small and simple, yet still effective, then this one is for you.
We also stock two soapboxes, perfect for storing your bar products whilst travelling. Both our soapboxes are made by Croll & Denecke, the light brown one is made from liquid spruce wood and the dark brown one was made from liquid beech wood making them as eco-friendly as you can get. Liquid wood is made from a leftover part of a tree that goes unused during the process of making paper.

Finally, we have one of our best selling options for keeping your soap dry between use and it is the Safix soap rest made from coconut fibres and shaped like a pad. It is 100% compostable as it is all plant fibres and also affordable coming to you at £1.99. You can pair it with the soapboxes or glass dish or even just by your bath.

It is very important you keep your soap, shampoo & conditioner bars dry between use to prolong it's life. You can even choose different dishes to differentiate between your different soap bars.

Leave your comments down below on your thoughts and share your favourite soap dishes.


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