Zero Waste & Stress-Free Christmas Tips

Zero Waste & Stress-Free Christmas Tips

'Tis the season to be jolly but are we all really jolly?

The run-up to Christmas can get very stressful with getting last-minute gifts, ensuring orders are delivered on time & meal planning. There is reportedly an overload of festive activities and expectations for many.

From finding the perfect gifts for 'everyone' to planning the perfect Christmas meal to meeting all the high expectations for Christmas, especially with young ones, there is a tendency to get festive stress, instead of the good cheer and goodwill it should bring.

  • There is an increased expense that comes with finding and funding the perfect gifts for friends and family
  • The end of the year work wrap-up, if you've got reports and/or accounts to balance.
  • Then comes all the festive activities, parties or family meetups you might be a part of. And if you have young ones you've got an even longer list to attend to.
  • Add all that to the need to make it all sustainable in the clutter of wasteful and unsustainable choices quite literally in our faces.
Now take a step back and remember these
✍️Christmas doesn't have to cost the earth, your peace or break the bank to be Christmas💚

We’ve all heard it said, “You don't need to keep up with the Joneses”, just be you. This is absolutely true especially for Christmas. Create your own Christmas tradition (whatever that means) that doesn’t push you beyond your limits, break your bank or cost the earth. Gift what you can afford but mostly make it practical & personal. 

🍀If they don't appreciate the little practical things, what’s the assurance they would appreciate the big ones? Teach your children to look beyond the material things and appreciate the moment spent together. Here a few personal tips we've put together.

✔️Gift sustainable personal care items

✔️Think handmade or homemade gifts

✔️Gift your time and/or service

✔️Gift experiences

✔️Use recycled kraft paper or fabric for wrapping

✔️Regift or donate unwanted gifts received

✔️Freeze & Rechauffe leftovers into new recipes

✔️Choose fun & healthy activities that spark mental joy/positivity

✔️You don't have to fit into the "Traditional Christmas Mould", make your festivities personal to you.

✔️Keep Calm and enjoy Christmas with loved ones or yourself.

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