Frequently Asked Questions on sustainable living and products

Here are some answered questions to help you learn more about our products and how to start a sustainable lifestyle

All Essential Sustainable Products

Most of our products are sourced from the UK, we take privilege in working with smaller brands that are more local to us as well because they are closer to us and their products have less distance to travel. This means our supply chain can operate more sustainably while we are able to support local small businesses to help them grow also. 

Shampoo and conditioner bars may take some getting used to if you are used to their liquid counterpart but there are many benefits to using bar alternatives. Shampoo and conditioner bars tend to last a lot longer. They usually come in plastic-free packaging compared to liquids which tend to come in
a plastic bottle. They are free of detergent based ingredients found in most liquid shampoos. Shampoo and conditioner bars are a viable, sustainable and environmentally friendly way of ditching plastic for good. Our shampoo and conditioner bars are made from all-natural
ingredients, mostly vegan too, as a result they do not contain sulphate based ingredient, which are harsh to your skin and to sea life.

Bamboo Products

Bamboo is more sustainable than trees as it takes less time to grow, it uses land efficiently, and do not require fertilizer or pesticides to grow. Considering that we consume more toilet paper and hand towels than we can grow a tree, especially during the pandemic.  

Bamboo trees can be fully grown between 3 and 6 months while a normal tree will take around 3 years before is mature for cutting. Bamboo toilet roll generally comes wrapped in plastic-free packaging too.  

So ye, when you consider the source of the paper, bamboo is definitely the more sustainable option

Bamboo toilet papers are just like any other toilet paper available in the shop. Some are single ply toilet paper or double ply or even triple ply for comfort. A general guide is: the thinner the toilet paper, the less likely it is to block the drain. 

Bamboo toilet paper can be flushed also - in case you are conisdering if bamboo toilet papers are flushable!

To answer the above question, you need to read the manufacturers guide or check product labelling to know. These toilet papers won't block your drain - Nova Tissue Recycled toilet paper and Cushion Soft 

Bamboo toilet paper feel just like any other paper. As they are processed and manufactured in the same way and therefore are just like toilet papers made from other trees. Check out our collection of bamboo toilet paper and wipes here

Household Essentials

Yes, we source only 100% BPA free trigger sprays and pump tops. See our range of bottles 

The Loofco Washing Up Pads and other Loofco products are made from natural
Loofah Plant. Loofah, also known as luffa or lufah, is the fruit of a tropical
vine grown for use as a kitchen or bath sponge, and in some places as an edible
vegetable. They are eco-friendly because they organic and will naturally biodegrade without causing negative reaction to the environment.

Loughborough ZeroWaste Shop FAQs

Yes absolutely, we want you to reuse what you already have first before you need to buy another one. Please bring an old bottle, jug, pot or jar, whatever works well for you😀. Don't forget that you can reuse your existing plastic containers that you already have. The longer you use them the less you will have to throw away - happy you, happy planet. 

You can buy refill bottles from the shop or order online to collect instore or home delivery if you prefer - here is a link to our bottle range 


Yes of course!! We do a number of things: reuse every clean cardboards we receive into our warehouse for packing, we also have never bought any bubble wraps as we shred our cardboards and papers to fill the voids. Occasionally, if when we receive plastic bubble wraps from suppliers, we reuse it in our packaging instead of throwing them away. 

Sustainability Living FAQs

Use Glass and aluminium here possible and hold on tight to your existing plastic bottles and reuse for as long as possible.

Plastic bottles are very toxic to the environment because of how long it takes to degrade and their slow release of microplastic into the ocean... you can imagine how it can affect sea life and drinking water. 

A cleaning detergent is used on surfaces to remove dirt however it does not kill any bacteria that could have been on the surface. A disinfectant kills germs but does not remove dirt. A sanitiser kills bacteria as well as cleans effectively due to it being a containing both a cleaning agent and sanitising element. Here is a list of our eco-friendly cleaning solution 

A recent analysis done by Scientists at University College London shows that if everyone used one single use mask every day for a year it would create 66,000 tonnes of contaminated plastic waste. Reusable masks perform the same as single use masks and are also much more cost-effective. Check out our range of reusable and sustainable face masks for adult and children

Sustainable Dental Care

You simply chew, brush and go!

When you bite into the tablet, it breaks and reacts with the saliva in your mouth, which causes the tablet to fam and create a paste for you to brush your teeth with It works just lie tooth paste but it comes without the plastic and it is easy to take with you as you travel

Bamboo plants take very little time to grow and with their anti-microbial composition they do not need fertilizers or pesticides to aid their growth, therefore made with all organic ingredients. They’re 100% biodegradable and so release no harmful toxins into the environment at the end of thier life span. Our Tio Toothbrush and brush with bamboo toothbrushes come with plastic free bristle... yes, they are not they are plant-based brushes. Check out our range of sustainable dental care alternatives