About the Zerowaste & Refill Shop in Loughborough

The Cleaning Cabinet is a small sustainable business with a Vision to provide an environmentally friendly hub for sustainable hygiene, cleaning, personal care & beauty essentials from our kiosk in Loughborough to different parts of the United Kingdom. We have added our food range and call it The Food Cabinet.
We are Loughborough's proud zero waste and refill store; and we take pride in matching sustainability with affordability and top-notch quality. We partner with other small businesses (mostly locally from the UK) & ethically minded manufacturers to bring you a top-notch selection of eco-friendly alternatives.
Zerowaste and Refill Shop in Loughborough

To achieve this vision, we are COMMITTED:

-To source TOP-NOTCH, Sustainable, Vegan and Cruelty-Free Cleaning Solutions, Beauty/Personal Care Products and Toiletries.

-To remain FAITHFUL to our eco-friendly ethos in all our actions with a GREEN HEART,

-To provide a Refill, Reuse and Recycle service for all from our Loughborough Store. For refill station price list click here


The journey started over 10 years ago with Green Heart Wash, Tunde's ecofriendly waterless car valeting service that got a lot of local and ecofriendly recognition back in 2009/10. This evolved into Green Heart Clean, a sustainable and ecofriendly commercial and domestic cleaning service with silver accreditation from Investors in the Environment (IIE). Ati joined Tunde first in marriage in 2016 and then in the business in 2017. By 2019, Ati was able to launch the retail brand of Tunde's long standing dream - The Cleaning Cabinet. From our days in the Loughborough Markets on Saturdays to our little kiosk in the Loughborough town centre and now to 61 Baxter Gate, we attribute the growth and success of this environmentally friendly venture to Godly counsel, our committed team members and our loyal customers' support.

Tunde & Ati continue to oversee the management of it's services. We also have Nikita & Kirsten in our retail team who you would meet regularly at the shop or chat with online. They are our hands and legs in bringing you the top-notch service you know us for. 

Let us continue to journey together to sustainability as we bring you top-notch swaps that don't cost the earth.


The Cleaning Cabinet TOP-NOTCH PRODUCTS & SERVICE  The Cleaning Cabinet's Green Heart
The Cleaning Cabinet's Commitment to you  The Cleaning Cabinet's Faithfulness to Service
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