How to Join a Sustainable Community Near You

Your journey to sustainable living should not be scary or complicated. This page will help you to identify the small steps you can take as you go about your daily business.

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Find out the resources you need to start your sustainable living journey today.

Sustainability is not a onetime thing but it is a lifestyle, which offers us much benefits personally, financially and as a community. If you are wondering how to become more environmentally friendly or what do you have to do to become more sustainable in on a daily basis, we hope the following tools will help you to get started.

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Consider using ZeroWaste Shops near you to purchase your basis everyday essentials. Often these zero waste shops will have schemes that will help to utilise your old bottles for cleaning solution and food refill. We have put together a few lists of Sustainable zero waste shops that we know. We will continue to add to this list, please browse your nearest ZeroWaste shop near to you: 

ZeroWaste Shop Location Name Website
Loughborough The Cleaning Cabinet
Leicester NADA


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Sustainability Advisory Service

Discover a clear pathway to a sustainable future with our in-house Sustainability Advisory Services. Get guidance and expertise for your business or community.

Our ONLINE SHOP remains open for the purchase of essential low waste and zero waste items.

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