Loughborough Zero Waste Shop Opening Times and Refill Price List

The Cleaning Cabinet is Loughborough's true zero waste shop. Loughborough is located in the heart of East Midlands, it is also a university town.

There are many other popular things to look at in Loughborough especially the steam rail way, history of the bell foundries, the Uni.

We will add one more - A visit to The Cleaning Cabinet shop. When you are coming, bring your old containers so that you can refill your cleaning and washing solutions. You can also buy new glass and aluminium bottles with aluminium screw cap/pump/trigger spray if you need to.

Loughborough zero waste shop opening times: 

Monday to Fridays: 10am - 4:30pm

Friday & Saturday: 9am - 5pm

Please note you can place orders online at any time both for local and national deliveries.

Here are our cleaning solution price lists

Bio D Miniml Fill Smells Clean
All Purpose Sanitiser £0.10
Multi Surface Cleaner £0.16 £0.27
Home and Garden Sanitiser
Bathroom Cleaner £0.11 £0.16
Toilet Cleaner £0.13 £0.15
Kitchen Cleaner £0.14
Floor Cleaner £0.16
White Vinegar £0.06
Bicarbonate Of Soda £0.12
Citric Acid £0.22
Scrubbing Powder £0.14
Dishwasher Powder
Washing Up Liquid £0.14 £0.11
Laundry Liquid £0.27 £0.15
Fabric Conditioner £0.12 £0.10
Laundry Powder (Unscented) £0.22
Laundry Powder (Petitgrain) £0.27
Washing Powder £0.21
Hair Shampoo £0.22
Hair Conditioner £0.22
Bodywash and bubble bath £0.20
Sanitising Hand Wash £0.21
Disinfectant Hand Rub £0.21