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Borax Substitute

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Borax Substitute -The Ninja cleaning must have

Borax Substitute is a versatile and safe cleaner for a variety of cleaning tasks. It is a multipurpose cleaner for cleaning around the house, water softener & Laundry Booster Sodium Sesquicarbonate is also known as Borax substitute, not to be confused as Pure Borax. We pack this for you from our shop in a plastic free packaging. 

Borax Substitute is sodium sesquicarbonate - a mineral compound, with similar pH to borax, making it ideal for cleaning and laundry. It is gentler than Soda Crystals yet stronger than Bicarbonate of Soda. Borax has been reclassified in the EU, the 'Borate' group of chemicals that Borax belongs to, so it is no longer available as a cleaning and laundry product. However, this Borax substitute still has all the same cleaning and laundry uses, but you get even more for your money! 

Use Borax Substitute as a:

  • Multi-purpose cleaner - Mix it with some water to form a paste. This makes it an excellent scouring agent that offers more cleaning power than Bicarbonate of Soda. Why not try it on the kitchen sink? It's ideal for cleaning shaving brushes.
  • A water softener to help keep your washing machine an dish washers clear of limescale buildup.
  • To make your own bath salts, simply add some perfume or essential oils and a drop of food colouring to some Borax Substitute.

What do you use Borax Substitute for? 

Sodium sesquicarbonate is used in swimming pools, as an alkalinity source for water treatment, and as a phosphate free trisodium phosphate replacement for heavy duty cleaning.

Other uses of Borax Substitute:

  • A laundry booster
  • A disinfectant
  • Natural drainage unblocker - When mixed with vinegar / acetic acid or citric acid the resulting product fizzes. This makes a safer, effective and eco friendly/Natural drain opener and Natural sink unblocker.
  • Borax can also help cover urine smells and act as a general deodorizer
  • Borax also makes a good floor cleaner.

Packaging - This product comes in a paper packaging.

Caution: If you suffer with sensitive skin it is advised to wear gloves.

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