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Eco Living Loofah Soap Rest

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Now you can stop your solid soap, shampoo and conditioner bars from leaking all day after use.

A natural loofah soap rest. Ideal to keep solid soaps or shampoos dry and last longer. This loofah can also be used to wash your face and body. Made of natural loofah plant, plastic-free and vegan. A 100% biodegradable alternative to plastic sponges. Handmade in Europe

  • Made of natural loofah plant grown in Europe
  • This soap rest will keep your soap dry in between uses and last longer
  • Non scratch
  • Compostable and biodegradable
  • Zero waste - Use the absorbed soap to wash feet, or bath or the sink 

Dimensions approx. 8 x 10 cm

Usage guide: avoid drenching it in water for prolonged period, Use it as a feet scrubber while you wash of the absorbed soap. Keep room aired and free of stagnant moisture

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