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Lavinia Facial Peeling Sandstone

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For those dreaming of smooth and beautiful skin and that fresh feeling, we have something that you might like. The Lavinia Facial Peeling Stone will remove dead skin cells with extreme efficiency.

To use it, simply, rub the skin gently once or twice in the same area with a circular motion. After that, go ahead and apply some facial cream and admire yourself in the mirror. As well as that, this facial peeling stone is as durable as it is effective allowing you to reuse a piece for an unbelievable long amount of time. 

  • A 100% organic product
  • Handmade from Swedish sandstone
  • Sustainable and plastic-free 
  • Natural and non-toxic alternative to other exfoliators which are filled with chemicals and microplastics
  • Natural cork base gives it a stylish look in any bathroom

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